I recently had the pleasure of hearing from the classical music partners who make up Duo526. These passionate, talented artists and educators tour internationally, and have a new album coming out in 2019.

Kerry DuWors and Futaba Niekawa asked if I could help them with some new artist portraits for use with the album, publicity and social media. It was an immediate “yes” from me!

Working over a few hours in the wonderful Aspire Studios in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, we truly collaborated and together crafted images that these two can use to help put forward an image that reflects who they really are: talented, down-to-earth and confident musicians.

Please look up their website, and order their upcoming album! Bonus points if you can find out how the group “Duo526” got its name!

March14_0471 duo.jpg
March14_0558 duo.jpg
March14_0133 Kerry.jpg
March14_0744 Futaba.jpg
March14_0809 Kerry.jpg